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Schools September 25, 2008  RSS feed

School Progress Reports Given Out By Dept. Of Ed

Overall Improvement Is Shown
by Sam Goldman

The Department of Education released its second annual School Progress Reports for elementary and middle schools on Sept. 16, showing marked improvement in many schools both locally and throughout the city.

As noted in a press release announcing the grades, the reports give letter grades of A to F to schools based on student academic achievement and progress as well as student attendance and the results of annual parent, teacher, and student surveys about schools' learning environments.


The release came with a bounty of statistics showing gains across the board.

Fifty-eight percent of schools moved up by at least one letter grade or received an A for the second year in a row. Fifty-seven percent of the schools that earned As last year did so again this year. Additionally, 71 percent of schools that received Cs or Ds last year rose to become Bs this year.

No school that received an F last year received an F this year; 18 of last year's F schools became Bs this year and nine became As. In all, 38 percent of schools received As, up from 23 percent last year.

Of the schools that received Progress Reports, 394 received an A (38 percent), 423 received a B (41 percent), 158 received a C (15 percent), 50 received a D (five percent), and 18 received an F (two percent).

Last year, 226 elementary, middle, and K-8 schools received an A (23 percent), 372 received a B (38 percent), 258 received a C (26 percent), 86 received a D (nine percent), and 35 received an F (four percent).

Fifty-eight percent of schools moved up at least one letter grade or attained an A for two years in a

-CONTINUED FROM PG. 3- row. Last year, there were 123 As for elementary schools; this year, there are 265. Last year, there were 30 As for K-8 schools; this year, there are 34. Last year, there were 73 As for middle schools; this year, there are 95.

More than half of the schools that earned As last year earned As again this year (57 percent). Of the 226 schools that got As last year, 128 were As this year and 75 were Bs.

Seventy-one percent of schools that received Cs and Ds last year rose to become As and Bs this year.

No school that received an F last year received an F this year. Of the 34 elementary and middle schools that received an F last year and are not phasing out, only one received a D and six received Cs. Eighteen of last year's F schools were Bs this year and nine were As. Half the schools that earned Ds and Fs last year improved to Bs this year.


While many schools districts fared better, some schools that did well in last year's reports did not repeat the feat.

In District 24, the best performing school was Ridgewood's P.S. 81, with a score of 86.9 and an A grade. Middle Village's P.S. 128 scored the worst (39.0, a grade of C.)

Last year's top school, P.S. 199 in Sunnyside, dropped precipitously, from a 74.64 in 2007 to a 41.5 this time around, falling from an A to a C. Last year's worst school, I.S. 119 in Glendale, fared slightly better, raising its score from a 35.01 to 41.5, rising from a D to a C.

In District 27, Richmond Hill's P.S. 294 fared the best of schools in the Times Newsweekly's coverage area, scoring a 91.0 for an A grade. J.H.S. 226 in South Ozone Park fared the worst, with a score of 41.4 and a D grade.

Last year's top school, Board Channel's P.S. 47, fell from a 77.49 (an A) to a 51.3 (a B), while last year's worst school, South Ozone Park's P.S. 155, rose from a 29.42 (an F) to a 57.6 (a B).

In District 28, Rego Park's P.S. 175, last year's top school in our area, repeated the feat with a score of 80.9 (just a bit higher than last year's 80.39) and a grade of A.

P.S. 174 and P.S. 206, both also in Rego Park, did the worst, both scoring a 46.8, good enough for a B grade.

Last year's worst school in our area, P.S. 144 in Forest Hills, jumped from a score of 39.1 to a score of 50, rising one letter grade to a B.

In District 30, the Academy for New Americans in Astoria scored an 89.9 (an A grade), the highest in the district. P.S. 127 in East Elmhurst scored a 40.6 (a C grade), worst in the district.

P.S. 78 in Long Island City, which was last year's top performer, fell from an 83.93 to a 58.3, dropping from an A to a B. Woodside's P.S. 151, last year's worst school, showed dramatic improvement, jumping from a failing grade of 27.95 to an A grade of 66.5.

In Bushwick's District 32, P.S. 284 took top honors with a grade of 84.1, good or an A. I.S. 347 brought up the rear with a C grade and a score of 45.2.

P.S. 45, which was the district's highest-scoring school in 2007, was even better in 2008, rising from a B grade and a score of 77.85 to an A grade and a score of 82.3. J.H.S. 296, which had a failing grade of 28.54 last year, rose to a 54.3, a grade of B.


Progress Reports give each school an overall letter grade based on three categories, each of which this year receives a grade as well: school environment (15 percent), student performance (25 percent), and student progress (60 percent).

"School environment" includes the results of surveys taken by more than 800,000 parents, students, and teachers last spring, as well as student attendance rates. "Student performance" measures actual student outcomes-whether elementary and middle school students are proficient in reading and math.

"Student progress" measures how schools are helping students improve from one year to the next. Schools that do an exemplary job closing the achievement gap earn additional credit.

Three-fourths of a school's Progress Report score comes from comparing the school's results to the 40 or so other schools in the city that serve the most similar student populations. The remaining onefourth of a school's score is based on a comparison with all schools citywide that serve the same grade levels.

Schools that earned Ds and Fs could face consequences that include leadership changes or closure; last year, nine schools that earned Ds and Fs began phasing out. Eighteen schools that earned Ds and Fs have new principals this year. Since 2002, the DOE has phased out 83 failing schools. In addition, students enrolled at schools that earned an F who will be enrolled at the school again next year will be able to apply to transfer to another school this spring.


Feedback from principals, elected officials, union leaders, Community Education Councils and other members of school communities led to several changes to this year's Progress Reports, including:

• letter grades for each of the three major categories on the Progress Report in addition to the overall grade, which give parents and others in the community a clearer sense of a school's specific strengths and weaknesses;

• changes to peer group and progress calculations that allow more accurate comparisons among schools that serve different numbers of special education students;

• separate progress measures for low-achieving and high-achieving students that allow for more accurate comparisons among schools that serve different numbers of students in these groups; and,

• changes to the score weighting to better measure the contributions schools make to student learning.

Elementary, middle, and K-8 schools will distribute Progress Report results to families at parentteacher conferences this fall. Progress Reports are also available now at www.nyc.gov/schools. The Progress Report grades for area schools. High scores are in BOLD; low scores are in ITALICS.

I.S. 5 Elmhurst 74.8 A
P.S. 12 Woodside 86.6 A
P.S. 13 Elmhurst 74.7 A
P.S. 14 Corona 73.2 A
P.S. 16 Corona 67.8 A
P.S. 19 Corona 66.3 A
P.S. 49 Middle Village 55.4 B
P.S. 58 Maspeth 51.1 B
I.S. 61 Corona 53.9 B
P.S. 68 Glendale 70.8 A
P.S. 71 Ridgewood 55.9 B
I.S. 73 Maspeth 65.4 B
I.S. 77 Ridgewood 74.0 A
P.S. 81 RIDGEWOOD 86.9 A
P.S./I.S. 87 Middle Village 65.8 B
P.S. 88 Ridgewood 50.2 B
P.S. 89 Elmhurst 68.4 A
P.S. 91 Glendale 63.4 A
I.S. 93 Ridgewood 62.8 B
P.S. 102 Elmhurst 68.5 A
P.S. 113 Glendale 68.2 A
I.S. 119 Glendale 42.8 C
I.S. 125 Woodside 76.7 A
P.S. 143 Corona 68.0 A
P.S. 153 Maspeth 61.7 A
P.S. 199 Sunnyside 41.5 C
P.S. 229 Woodside 76.7 A
P.S. 239 Ridgewood 57.0 B
Wagner Sec. Sch. Long Island City 70.3 A
51st Ave. Academy Elmhurst 79.0 A
P.S. 2 East Elmhurst 64.0 A
I.S. 10 Astoria 62.6 B
P.S. 11 Woodside 65.6 A
P.S. 17 Astoria 51.9 B
P.S. 69 Jackson Heights 51.1 B
P.S. 70 Astoria 56.9 B
P.S. 76 Ravenswood 59.5 B
P.S. 78 Long Island City 58.3 B
P.S. 84 Astoria 47.2 B
P.S. 85 Astoria 71.4 A
P.S. 92 Corona 73.2 A
P.S. 111 Ravenswood 67.2 A
P.S. 112 Dutch Kills 62.3 A
P.S. 122 Astoria 54.6 B
Shanker School Astoria 57.8 B
P.S. 127 E. ELMHURST 40.6 C
I.S. 141 Astoria 81.3 A
I.S. 145 Jackson Heights 49.2 C
P.S. 148 East Elmhurst 51.9 B
P.S. 149 Jackson Heights 62.2 A
P.S. 150 Sunnyside 76.0 A
P.S. 151 Woodside 66.5 A
P.S. 152 Woodside 74.9 A
P.S. 166 Dutch Kills 72.4 A
P.S. 171 Astoria 49.1 B
I.S. 204 Dutch Kills 52.1 B
P.S. 212 Jackson Heights 56.3 B
I.S. 227 East Elmhurst 73.6 A
I.S. 230 Jackson Heights 58.3 B
P.S. 234 Astoria 52.2 B
Young Women's Astoria 79.4 A
Baccalaureate Long Island City 58.1 B

P.S. 56 Richmond Hill 46.2 B
P.S. 60 Woodhaven 66.6 B
P.S. 62 Richmond Hill 62.4 A
P.S. 63 Ozone Park 71.0 A
P.S. 64 Ozone Park 60.7 A
P.S. 65 Ozone Park 51.3 A
P.S. 66 Richmond Hill 72.7 A
P.S. 90 Richmond Hill 67.0 B
P.S. 96 S. Ozone Park 52.6 B
P.S. 97 Woodhaven 62.3 B
P.S. 100 S. Ozone Park 79.2 B
P.S. 108 S. Ozone Park 68.9 A
P.S. 124 S. Ozone Park 55.2 A
M.S. 137 Ozone Park 61.8 B
P.S. 146 Howard Beach 56.1 B
P.S. 155 S. Ozone Park 57.6 B
J.H.S. 202 Ozone Park 58.3 B
P.S. 207 Howard Beach 51.0 B
J.H.S. 210 Ozone Park 53.6 C
J.H.S. 226 S. OZONE PARK 41.4 D
P.S. 232 Lindenwood 66.3 B
P.S. 54 Richmond Hill 67.0 A
P.S. 55 Richmond Hill 65.5 A
P.S. 99 Kew Gardens 77.3 A
P.S. 101 Forest Hills 50.4 B
P.S. 121 South Ozone Park 68.2 A
P.S. 139 Rego Park 58.1 B
P.S. 144 Forest Hills 50.0 B
J.H.S. 157 Rego Park 63.4 B
P.S. 161 Richmond Hill 69.0 A
P.S. 174 REGO PARK 46.8 B
P.S. 175 REGO PARK 80.9 A
J.H.S. 190 Forest Hills 66.8 A
P.S. 196 Forest Hills 61.3 A
P.S. 206 REGO PARK 46.8 B
P.S. 220 Rego Park 47.8 B
P.S. 45 Bushwick 82.3 A
P.S. 75 Bushwick 53.7 B
P.S. 86 Bushwick 66.6 A
P.S. 106 Bushwick 68.5 A
P.S. 116 Bushwick 65.4 A
P.S. 123 Bushwick 54.5 B
P.S. 145 Bushwick 51.4 B
P.S. 151 Bushwick 53.2 B
J.H.S. 162 Bushwick 50.1 B
P.S. 274 Bushwick 59.8 A
J.H.S. 291 Bushwick 57.8 B
J.H.S. 296 Bushwick 54.3 B
P.S. 299 Bushwick 46.8 B
I.S. 347 BUSHWICK 45.2 C
I.S. 349 Bushwick 50.6 B
P.S. 376 Bushwick 65.7 A
P.S. 377 Bushwick 54.6 B
J.H.S. 383 Bushwick 56.6 B
P.S. 384 BUSHWICK 84.1 A
All City Leader. Bushwick 66.2 A