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Editorial April 16, 2009  RSS feed


It was Mark Twain who observed that while everyone talks about the weather, no one does anything about it. If he were around today, the famous author could say the same about immigration reform—that is, unless it suits someone's purpose to do something about it.

Right now, having so many illegal immigrants in the U.S. will benefit many states in next year's census count.

Every 10 years, a census is taken and states with greater populations have their congressional districts increased. More congress members means more power.

Census numbers are merely a head count. There is no distinction as to whether the person is a citizen or not, or even if it's just Aunt Minnie visiting from England. If the body is here, it is counted.

Hopefully, after the census is completed, something will be done to address the illegal immigrant problem.

Certain organizations are big on granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. Churches, seeking to increase their membership, are strong advocates of pardons for breaking the law. As the number of their flocks dwindles, illegal immigrants present a new wave of parishioners.

Democrats seem to favor amnesty since it has been a tradition that newcomers, legal or illegal, become Democrats. By adding millions to their party, the scale of elections will effectively tip in their favor.

Labor groups like the A.F.L.-C.I.O. and the Change to Win federation are banding to endorse the legalization of illegal immigrants already in the U.S.—and why not? Labor unions, always seeking new members, see a workforce of millions adding to the union coffers.

There are legitimate drawbacks to blanket amnesty. Unfortunately, anyone who disagrees with the open border policy risks being labeled a racist, bigot or supremacist.

Right now, the millions of undocumented immigrants are essentially men who have come to this country to make money to send back home to their families. Once they are granted amnesty, the numbers will rise substantially as family members flock to join them.

The job market in America has been reeling during the economic crisis that now grips the country. There are many who think that giving millions of foreign workers permanent access to U.S. jobs when so many Americans are looking for employment doesn't make sense.

With an increase of millions more seeking assistance, the schools, hospitals, housing and social services would be in worse shape than they are now.

President Barack Obama is planning to address the country's immigration system this year and is seeking a path for illegal immigrants to become legal.

He knows this to be an emotionally-charged and controversial issue. It is hoped that as this nation's leader, President Obama will show sufficient care and logic to consider the needs of the present citizens first and foremost— and not be swayed by self-serving groups.