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Arts & Leisure April 12, 2012  RSS feed
A Little Can Go A Long Way With Nuts In A Healthy Diet
Try Some In This Healthy Salad
     (AP) Nuts often get a bad rap because of their high fat content. But the fat in most nuts is the healthy unsaturated variety.   It doesn't mean you should eat nuts with abandon, but it does mean you should feel no guilt about working them into a healthy diet. 
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Feathered Rex!
Discovery Of Fuzzy Dinosaur Has Paleontologists Ruffled
     (AP) The discovery of a giant meat-eating dinosaur sporting a downy coat has some scientists reimagining the look of Tyrannosaurus rex.  
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Titanic Centennial Returns Canada Town To Spotlight
     (AP) Among the graves of Fairview Lawn Cemetery, there is one that was a magnet for bouquets and weeping girls in the 1990s. The name on the tombstone: J. Dawson. 
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