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Local News April 4, 2013  RSS feed

Roofing Scam Hits Maspeth

by Robert Pozarycki

The 104th Precinct is alerting residents within its confines to a scam in which suspects posing as representatives of roofing companies twice visited locations in Maspeth last month and attempted to convince property owners to let them perform repairs.

According to law enforcement sources, the incidents took place in the vicinity of 72nd Place between Grand and 53rd Avenues.

In the first incident, police reported, a male suspect approached an elderly woman outside her home and identified himself as a roofer working on a neighboring home.

Claiming that he spotted damage to the woman’s home while performing repairs on the adjacent structure, police said, the purported contractor offered to inspect the victim’s roof. The suspect was reportedly stopped and questioned by neighbors just before the woman allowed him access to her home.

After the man had left, authorities said, neighbors on the block questioned the owner of the property on which the suspect had claimed to perform repairs. They reportedly learned that the property owner did not authorize any work, and that no repairs were made.

On Mar. 22, police learned, a local business was visited by another male suspect who claimed to represent a roofing company working on a neighboring structure.

Reportedly, the man told the business’ secretary that the owner of the business had contacted him to check the roof for problems.

The secretary responded that neither the business owner was in, nor was she aware of any planned work. Police said the suspect then claimed that he had performed repairs on the business in the past; in reality, it was noted, no such repairs were ever made by the company.

Police urged the public not to let any individual into their home if they have not previously requested their assistance. Suspicious individuals should be reported to 911 immediately.