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Local News September 5, 2013  RSS feed

The Campaign Trail

In the weeks leading up to the citywide primary and general elections, the Times Newsweekly/Ridgewood Times will feature in this column press releases and statements sent by the campaigns of the candidates on the ballot.

The statements in this column do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Times Newsweekly/Ridgewood Times or its staff. Mud-slinging statements which include personal attacks on candidates are omitted.

Mayor’s Race Hikind’s Wife Backs Salgado

Mayoral hopeful Erick Salgado’s effort to appear on the November ballot as the School Choice Party candidate for mayor got a boost July 29th when Assemblyman Dov Hikind’s wife, Shoshana Hikind, signed a petition nominating Salgado.

“I have growing support in the orthodox Jewish community not only because of my belief in traditional family values, but because of my advocacy of school choice. Seeking the School Choice line was not a political decision, but rather an ideological one,” Salgado explained.

“Being blessed with six children, all of who either went to or are enrolled in parochial schools highlights, for me, the importance of providing parents with school choice. Bank- ruptcy should not be a requirement of parents providing their children a sound education consistent with their religious beliefs,” Salgado stated.

“I believe that the majority of the individuals who signed my School Choice Party petition did so for ideological reasons. Providing school choice is a win-win situation. Our children get the type of education we want them to receive and the public school system has fewer students allowing them to provide the remaining population with additional attention. Everyone benefits,” Salgado added.

“I want to thank Ms. Hikind and the thousands of other concerned New Yorkers who signed my petitions. It is this determination that will lead to our victory,” Salgado concluded.

Salgado is also running in the Democratic Party’s September 10th primary for mayor as the sole conservative candidate.

Thompson Releases Employment Plan

Democratic candidate for Mayor Bill Thompson released his plan, Aug. 29, to put tens of thousands of New Yorkers back to work by fighting for increased employee preparation funding, forcing the Department of Education to adopt employmentbased outcomes to its curriculum and reorienting job training to provide workplace skills to vulnerable New Yorkers—especially those once-incarcerated.

Inside the Finishing Trades Institute of New York in Long Island City, surrounded by NYCHA residents enrolled in a District Council 9 training program, the union today praised former City Comptroller Bill Thompson’s plan to build a highly educated and diverse workforce so that all New Yorkers who want to work and live in New York City have the skills that lead to good-paying jobs.

Thompson said he will appoint a Chief Jobs Officer who will coordinate between job creation agencies, such as the Human Resources Administration and the Department of Small Business Services, to work with new and existing businesses to match employees with good paying jobs, and strengthen nonprofit worker training programs. The Chief Jobs Officer will work with the Department of Education to strengthen career and technical education programs in our high schools.

“Bill Thompson is the only candidate with the vision to educate and diversify New York City’s workforce today for the jobs of tomorrow,” said Joe Ramaglia, Business Manager of the District Council 9 of the Union Painter’s and Allied Trades. “Bill Thompson knows that in order to strengthen the city’s economy, we need to make sure that our working men and women are armed with the skill-set to fill jobs. That’s why he wants to increase funding for education preparation and improve the worker education curriculum—common sense ways to make sure all New Yorkers are working New Yorkers.”

“New Yorkers continue to face economic challenges and so many of our neighbors are trapped and underemployed in jobs with no benefits,” said Bill Thompson. “As Mayor, I will build a diverse economy that restores our middle-class, produces good living-wage jobs, helps small businesses grow into large ones and will spread economic growth throughout the five-boroughs.”

Thompson’s Workforce Development Plan:

• appoint a Chief Jobs Officer;

• fight to increase Employee Preparation Education Funding to $120 million;

• force NYC DOE to adopt employment based outcomes to worker education curriculum;

• use BIDs and nonprofits to create neighborhood anchors; and

• reorient job training toward office success .


Picks de Blasio

New York State Assemblyman Jim Brennan endorsed Bill de Blasio for mayor, Sept. 3, citing his commitment to saving neighborhood hospitals from closure and his plan for full-day universal pre-K and afterschool programs.

“Bill de Blasio is the progressive choice for mayor, and I’m honored to endorse his candidacy today,” said Brennan. “From his fight against the epidemic of hospital closures in Brooklyn to his detailed plan to provide full-day, universal pre-K and after-school programs for our children, Bill is the leader we need. He’ll be a mayor for all New Yorkers, especially those living in the outer boroughs, and I’m honored to do my part to help him and his campaign.”

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Assemblyman Jim Brennan—a true progressive champion in Albany,” said Bill de Blasio. “Jim understands that the status quo is unacceptable—and we can’t continue living a Tale of Two Cities. He’s been a long-time fighter for Brownstone Brooklyn and a strong advocate for affordable, quality health care for all New Yorkers. I look forward to working with him in the weeks and months ahead.”

Public Advocate’s Race

Saujani Slams Mosque Monitoring

Reshma Saujani, former Deputy Public Advocate and Democratic candidate for NYC Public Advocate released the following statement today opposing the NYPD’s surveillance of Muslims and practice of deeming mosques terrorist organizations:

“The NYPD’s practice of branding entire houses of worship as terrorist organizations is shameful and deeply disturbing. From the racist stop-and-frisk policy to the unwarranted surveillance of our Muslim brothers and sisters, the NYPD has exhibited a jarring pattern of discriminatory behavior.

Religious freedom is a cornerstone of American Democracy. No one should have to fear unwarranted government intrusion while praying. Moreover, vilifying whole groups of innocent New Yorkers based on the color of their skin or the religion they practice is counterproductive to the NYPD’s professed objective. Such tactics further divide us and make us less, not more, safe. The diversity of our backgrounds defines us as New Yorkers, and only through tolerance and mutual respect can we build stronger neighborhoods and a safer New York.”

Markowitz Picks


Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz endorsed Democratic candidate for Public Advocate Daniel Squadron, Aug. 27, citing Squadron’s record of results for Brooklyn residents and his vision for the office. Momentum continues to build for Squadron’s campaign, with Markowitz’s support coming on the heels of The New York Times’ endorsement and an ever-expanding broad coalition of supporters around the city.

“I’ve worked closely with Daniel and can tell you one thing: He knows how to get results,” said Markowitz. “Daniel’s made a huge difference here in Brooklyn, improving subway and bus service when people said it couldn’t be done, protecting and expanding affordable housing for seniors and families who need it and negotiating the agreement to move Brooklyn Bridge Park forward with great new amenities. As Public Advocate, Daniel will deliver results for everyday New Yorkers working to make a life here—New Yorkers who need someone like Daniel to fight for them. I’m very proud to support Daniel Squadron as our next Public Advocate.”

“No one represents Brooklyn better than Marty Markowitz, who’s dedicated his life to public service and made a real difference for our borough and our city,” Squadron said. “He’s transformed Brooklyn, fighting for the housing, schools, and jobs we need. Its been a privilege to work with Marty, and I’m so honored to have his support in the Public Advocate’s race.”

For more information on voting or to obtain a voting registration application, contact the New York City Board of Elections at 1-212-VOTENYC or visit www.vote.nyc.ny.us.

Press representatives of candidates may send their information to this paper by fax to 1-718-456-0120 or email to info@times newsweekly.com. All releases are subject to editing.